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Our mission at Schallert is to strive for educational excellence by fostering a positive mindset, using multiple approaches to learning to meet the needs of all students, and harnessing creativity to prepare them to become innovative, productive leaders and life-long learners who believe in themselves and become diverse thinkers in a diverse society.

District Goals - Alice ISD

Goal 1. All students will demonstrate academic growth and each campus will achieve at local, state, and federal standards with an ultimate goal of exemplary student performance.

Goal 2. All students will demonstrate proficiencies required for graduation.

Goal 3. All students will be taught by highly-qualified staff.

Goal 4. All staff will ensure a safe and positive school climate conducive to learning.

Goal 5. All staff, students, parents, and community members will promote comprehensive home, school, and community partnerships.

Goal 6. All teachers and students will be technology literate and utilize technology tools and resources to enhance learning.